2019 Judge

Casey Rutland

Founding Director of digitalgreen.io

Casey is a digital advocate with a focus on company transformation from a people perspective.

With over 20 years of experience as an architect working in and leading multidisciplinary teams to deliver sports stadia, city centre developments, healthcare facilities and heritage buildings, he brings a clear, concise empathy-driven communication method to the seemingly vast topic of ‘digital transformation’.

As Founding Director of digitalgreen.io, he is responsible for driving the adoption of emergent technologies that enable the company to perform optimally, generate new products or services and engage staff in a thriving agile environment.

Casey helps businesses realise the value of digital, through workshops, written papers and the successful (and free) global BIMOpenMic series of events.

Casey is regularly invited to speak at conferences on topics relating to the new digital era of our industry, guest lectures at various universities around the world and is a proud STEM Ambassador.